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No Heat Slide Seat Benefits

Heat Shielding

The No Heat Slide Seat was originally created to shield babies and kids from slide burns on hot playgrounds. We quickly discovered they were just as needed on swings and other sitting surfaces outside. Each Slide Seat is made with heat resistant fabrics that can withstand temps well over 200 degrees (f).

Every year, burns and blisters are reported in children playing on playground equipment even when air temps are in the 70s or 80s! Parents have had to resort to pants, towels or avoid swings and slides altogether, but that’s not the case anymore! The No Heat Slide Seat lets kids enjoy playground fun even on the hottest days!


Health Benefits

Since children can worry less about getting burned on playground slides and swings, they can reap the benefits of these activities! And boy are there a lot of benefits!

  • Vestibular stimulation: by stimulating the ear canals and fluids within, kids develop their sense of balance by sliding.
  • Muscles learn and grow as kids climb steps or ladders to the top of a slide.
  • Children develop coordination in a self-directed way while swinging.
  • Since swinging is such a self-taught activity, young kids acquire self confidence from learning to swing themselves.
  • When involved in such activities, kids’ deep breaths bring extra oxygen to all the muscles in their bodies. 
  • All of this excitement and movement produces endorphins, elevating their mood and wellbeing.
  • Kids who regularly play on playgrounds are less likely to become or remain overweight.
  • Children develop social skills while interacting with community playgroups on playgrounds.
  • Kids who engage in outdoor play are less anxious and more willing to open up to parents and caregivers.


*The No Heat Slide Seat is especially beneficial for children with autism and kids prone to sensory overstimulation. Read more here!


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