1. Will there be more color and pattern options? Yes! We’re a new company and we’re an ordinary family starting something new, so we weren’t sure what kind of demand would be out there. As soon as we begin to get feedback and enough families excited about the No Heat Slide Seat™, we plan to use that feedback to produce the colors and patterns you and your kids want! 

2. How can I help? It would be so wonderful if you could help us get the word out about our new shop and more specifically let everyone know how much your kids enjoy their No Heat Slide Seat™! Since this is a brand new idea, it’s going to take word of mouth for our brand to reach families across America. Please share your thoughts on social media, using the hashtags – #noheatslideseat ; #jakeandjokids #slideseat #swingseat and don’t forget to tag us – @Jake_and_jo_kids on Instagram and @jakeandjo on Facebook.

3. How long will the No Heat Slide Seat™ last? We make our seats as durable as possible, using very strong materials and heavy duty closures. If stored properly (not left outside like my kids do) and handled appropriately, your Slide Seat™ should be able to weather multiple years of use. Our prototypes lasted two years and were loved by many friends before showing real signs of wear (yet still totally usable).

4. How should my child use their Slide Seat™? First of all, please ensure age-appropriate supervision while your child uses their No Heat Slide Seat™. It is intended to be used as a seat on hot slides; velcroed around swing seats; or simply for sitting on hot pavement, benches or other surfaces that would otherwise cause discomfort or get clothes dirty. Children under 4 years of age should be directly assisted with their Slide Seat™.

5. Where can you ship to? At this time, we are only able to ship to the continental U.S. Don’t worry though, we are working on the logistics for shipping outside of the U.S. very soon. 

6. How do I clean the Slide Seat™? The good news is, the No Heat Slide Seat™ is made of water resistant and dirt resistant materials and can be brushed clean when slightly dirty or hung to dry when wet. We do not recommend washing your Slide Seat™ in a washing machine, but rather wiping with a mild soap and water and then hang to dry.

7. Do you accept returns? We do accept returns if the No Heat Slide Seat™ does not meet your expectations. If you are within 14 days of the purchase date you may contact us by clicking here and we’ll assist you with your return. Once you’ve returned the product, we’ll be able to refund your full purchase price. We will also replace or refund your purchase if you receive a defected or damaged Slide Seat™.

8. How can I place a large order, for a school or other facility? We offer a special discount for bulk orders and you can click here to give us information about your facility and order quantity. 

9. I found someone selling a knock-off of your product, what should I do? We appreciate that you want to help us protect our invention! If you have information you can share about the entity you believe to be selling a knock-off of the No Heat Slide Seat™, please share that here (anonymously if you choose) and we’ll take the appropriate legal actions.

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