The short answer is, you can’t effectively cool down a playground slide, BUT there’s another way to protect kids from hot slides!

If you have young kids, by now you know that playground slides and swings get dangerously and uncomfortably hot hot hot. Wearing long pants isn’t going to keep your kids cool and it doesn’t work for long to protect your child’s legs and bum from that burning heat from the slide. So instead, we’ve invented the solution! It’s the No Heat Slide Seat and it’s been keeping kids cool on hot playground equipment since 2021!

Slide Seats are heat resistant, dirt resistant, and highly durable. They are meant to be used by kids of all ages and even adults. They can be used on slides, swings and other hot sitting surfaces like merry go-rounds, see-saws and benches. Some customers even say they’ve used them on hot sandy beaches, park bleachers and hot concrete.

The No Heat Slide Seat is the BEST way to protect kids from hot slides and only available at

If you’re backyard or local park playground slide feels too hot in the summer sun, we (and our hundreds of happy customers) recommend you try a No Heat Slide Seat this year!

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