No Heat Slide Seat

Those colorful, fun slides at parks and playgrounds may look enticing, but you’re probably familiar with just how hot they can get. We’ve actually measured them reaching temps close to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. And playground swings are no different. That leaves children in real danger of being burned on hot slides and swings on the playground – not to mention the discomfort babies and kids experience.

Every Summer, we see or hear news reports of children being burned on commercial playgrounds and then warnings for parents of the dangers of letting kids play on playgrounds when the weather is even mildly warm. In fact, the outside temperatures can be in the 70s and still slides and swings can reach temperatures over 130 degrees in direct sunlight.

It’s Not From a Lack of Trying

Some parks have installed canopies over their commercial playground equipment to try to keep them cool, but canopies are expensive (upwards of tens of thousands of dollars) and most don’t protect equipment from the sun all day. Aside from playground canopies, there isn’t an effective solution readily available for families.

Staying Cool on Commercial Playground Equipment

Now there is a solution! The best way kids can keep cool on slides and swings at the park is by using a No Heat Slide Seat, a lightweight, easy to use seat specifically designed for children to use on both commercial playgrounds and those in their own backyard. These Slide Seats are heat-resistant, water-resistant and work well to provide a barrier between children and hot playground slides and swings (and even more outdoor places).

With these seats, parents can help infants and young toddlers safely slide down hot slides without worrying if baby’s bum and legs are getting too hot or uncomfortable. And most kids age 3 and up are able to use Slide Seats on their own. The Slide Seats even have straps that allow kids to backpack their seat hands free as they climb steps or ladders to slide again!

No Heat Slide Seats ship free in the continental U.S., but you can contact the company here for international orders.

Here are a few testimonials from parents who have used and love the No Heat Slide Seat.

“The No Heat Slide Seat is so useful I brought it with me every time I took my toddler outside, even if it was just our backyard. We use it almost everyday!” 

“I used the No Heat Slide Seat on hot swing seats, wet patio chairs, and as a place for my son to sit as he chalked up pavement. We found so many uses for this!”

“The Slide Seat folds compactly, is light and easy to carry around, doesn’t get soaked through, and when it gets dirty I just shake it off.”

“I wish my niece had this a few years ago when she went down a very hot slide and burnt her poor little legs! She had huge blisters that covered the back of her legs, it was terrible. This is the perfect solution for us- we love going to the park but it’s impossible for them to slide and swing when it’s hot. With the slide seat, we go to the park on hot days too! All the kids at the park end up asking to borrow it.”

So if you’re looking for a way to protect your kids on hot playgrounds, try the No Heat Slide Seat! Order today using the code 10OFF and save 10% on your entire purchase. Click here to view the shop.

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