When I was a kid we had metal slides. The sheer agony of your skin touching the slide one time was enough to keep you off of it on even slightly warm days. So most of my childhood I remember having to avoid the slides even though I didn’t want to. Fortunately, our bum cools down swing seats, so I was still able to enjoy that, but there was some discomfort to start!

I never thought about those hot slides or swings again – until I became a parent. My son was only a few months old the first time we went to the playground and I was so eager for him to fall in love with climbing, sliding and swinging. After all, those activities are so stimulating and calming at the same time and he was a kid who would benefit from those things regularly. And he absolutely loved it from the start! But, the day came when the slides were too hot and he jerked his little fingers off the slide so fast. He attempted to withstand the heat a few more times before looking at me with a disappointed expression. The swing seats were too hot as well, especially the baby swings, so we ended up just leaving and trying to plan playground days around the heat of the sun, which meant either super early in the morning or on dreary days. No fun!

When my daughter was born, my son was just over 2 years old and a wild child at heart. Now we made a lot more trips to playgrounds to get out of the house and allow him to exert that energy and move his body. And again, the hot slides and swings were just a disappointment, even on relatively cooler days. That’s when I decided to find a solution and within a few months the No Heat Slide Seat was born! It took a while to figure out the right materials that were heat resistant AND could slide easily, but not too easily. The kids loved them and soon their neighborhood friends wanted seats of their own. Eventually, I figured out manufacturing and decided to share our seats with families across the country!

The No Heat Slide Seat solves a century-old problem for kids. It’s unfortunate that it has taken so so long to simply make playground fun more comfortable for kids, but we’re proud to be the family to do it!


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