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Finally, the solution for hot slides and swings is here! With the No Heat Slide Seat™ kids can enjoy outdoor play more comfortably! Use it everywhere you wish to shield your child from hot, wet or dirty surfaces. For use on slides, swings, benches, grass, sidewalks and more!

This Slide Seat™ has velcro strips on the bottom side to secure it to a swing seat and handles to hold when sliding, carrying and backpacking between use. See more information about this product below.

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The No Heat Slide Seat™ is the ULTIMATE playground accessory!

Playgrounds have been a thrill for children for decades. Swinging, climbing, sliding is in everyone’s childhood memories. But being in direct sunlight, slides can reach uncomfortable and potentially dangerous temperatures, which hinders young kids from being able to fully enjoy the playground.

The No Heat Slide Seat™ is the first ever playground seat meant to shield children from hot slides while allowing them to enjoy those slides even on the hottest days!

Made of heat resistant fabric, with side straps that make toting it easy and hands free for kids.

In between use, simply fold it up and slip it into your diaper bag or purse. (Velcro strips help it stay closed)

The No Heat Slide Seat™ is easy to clean and guaranteed to help your child enjoy the thrills of sliding over and over again!

We want every child to be able to play comfortably and we believe no family, daycare or school yard should be without The No Heat Slide Seat™!

Care Instructions:

The No Heat Slide Seat™ is dirt and water resistant. Simply shake any dirt and water off after each use. If it gets very dirty, just wipe with a damp cloth and hang to dry. Do not machine wash.

ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED TO ENSURE THE SAFE USE OF THIS PRODUCT. Please see the intended use page before purchasing and using this product.

8 reviews for No Heat Slide Seat™ | Magenta

  1. Joy

    We are LOVING our No Heat Slide Seat!

  2. Charity

    My daughter loves her No Heat Slide Seat!!! She uses it every time we go to the park. Not only does it prevent her from getting slide burns but it also helps to keep her clothes clean. I love this slide seat!!!

  3. Crystal

    My kids love it I would totally recommend you getting this for your kids. I wish they had this when I was growing up it would of saved me for all the times I sat on a hot slide!

  4. Laura

    The No Heat Slide Seats are great. Love them when the slide is hot and also helps kids slide more smoothly!

  5. Lyndsey

    We keep this in our car, no more wasted towels!!

  6. Abby

    I wish my niece had this a few years ago when she went down a very hot slide and burnt her poor little legs! She had huge blisters that covered the back of her legs, it was terrible.
    This is the perfect solution for us- we love going to the park but it’s impossible for them to slice and swing when it’s hot. With the slide seat, we go to the park on hot days too! All the kids at the park end up asking to borrow it?

  7. Lauren

    These are really cute and well made! We got them because our slide directly faces the sun and without these, my kids had stopped using the slide. These work perfectly!

    • Editor

      Thank you Lauren! Love to hear that your kids are able to slide again with the help of a Slide Seat! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your feedback.

  8. Nancy

    I purchased 3 No Heat Slide Seats for my grandchildren, because the slide at our house and the slide at one of the kids house (which is dark green) gets quite hot. They work great, are easy for even the littlest to carry up to the top of the slide, and fold up nicely for easy transport. My daughter has taken them a number of different places where the kids would have to sit on potentially hot surfaces and they work well. Well worth the money.

    • Editor

      Thank you for this amazing review, Nancy!

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