How Slide Seats Aid Kids with Autism

No Heat Slide Seats help children with autism

Children with autism and those on the spectrum benefit from the simple experience of swinging on a swing set.

For one thing, swinging neutralizes the disruptions caused by the vestibular system in autistic children. Children with SPD are drawn to such exerises that allow them to feel “in place” or in balance. The calming back and forth motion is soothing for children, but especially for children with autism. For this reason, swinging is typically part of sensory integration therapies.

Slides are also a helpful component used in sensory integration therapy as they too involve spacial awareness. 

Since children with sensory or processing disorders find comfort in both sliding and swinging, it’s no wonder why the No Heat Slide Seat is such a valuable accessory for families to keep on hand. Our seats smoothly slide down slides and easily fasten to or slip over most swing seats, shielding children from hot, wet or dirty swings and slides!

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