It would be great if playground manufacturers would make playground slides, swings and other equipment that didn’t get hot. But that’s just not going to happen.

In fact, playground equipment gets dangerously hot, fast! Reaching up to 200 degrees (F), that puts our kids at risk of getting burned or at the very least not being able to enjoy the playground because its so hot.

Aside from shading the playground 24/7 somehow, wearing long thick pants or avoiding playgrounds altogether, the only other solution was invented by us at Jake and Jo, LLC. And kids all over the United States have been enjoying our product no matter how hot those slides and swings can get.

Meet the Inventor

Melanie is a mom of 2 outdoor-loving kids and she first designed the No Heat Slide Seat for her own children so they’d be able to slide and swing when playground equipment got too hot. It worked like a charm and then all the kids in the neighborhood wanted one too. It wasn’t long before Melanie decided to make her Slide Seats available to as many kids as possible.

Today, our Slide Seats are available for purchase online and are durable enough to last an entire childhood! If you’d like to give some special kiddos the best outdoor hack ever, use code SLIDE to get 10% off right now when you click here to shop

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